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The late Sir Roger Scruton said, “Beauty is vanishing from our world because we live as though it did not matter.” Where does beauty originate? What is the role of beauty in life, and why is it so important?

Beauty is inherently found in the two energies that together create all energetic and physical life – the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine. Women’s feminine beauty is the primary inspiration and motivation for a man’s life – how he grows, protects, provides, leads, and the legacy his life leaves behind. This in turn gifts women with the ability to fully flourish and flow in the curvaceous current of her feminine energy, to experience and witness her own capacity, safe within his protective love. Without this inspiration there is nothing for men to aspire to, nothing and no one to build and create for, no one to lead and protect. When a man meets the right woman, who fully embodies and embraces her femininity, she serves as his catalyst wherein he is inspired to become himself – to become a man from the boy.

Femininity by nature is expansive, multidirectional, and fluid. Masculinity by nature is linear, focused, and determined toward specific outcomes. Just as women crave the stability and immobility of the masculine while our energy dances around and off of them, desiring to always be tethered to him no matter what direction we take, men crave the flowing feminine and the inspiration they seek and need from us to feel motivated to take on the world. Men crave range and the ability to experience this range through the rolling current of feminine energy. That we as women can give this to men is critical because the masculine energy is the leadership element of our families, societies and nations – and it is obvious, in witnessing the decay of these foundational institutions, that the masculine is largely currently uninspired to lead. Women must heal and nurture ourselves within first so that our man will find and recognise us, and this alchemical process of change can happen. With this man, a woman can finally release herself from the cultural expectations our modern world has wrongly put on us and we will feel completely safe to be ourselves. Yet, we must become ourselves first for the masculine to be able to find us.

Feminine energy is about receptivity and receiving, whereas masculine energy is about sacrifice and giving. During sex, the woman literally receives her man inside of her and transmutes what he gives to her into bonding energy that restores them both – she restored emotionally and energetically, and he restored in the nurturing rest of emptiness and space – or bonding biologically into a baby. Nature is a dance between the constant exchange and balancing of the feminine and masculine between each other. Taking a moment to recognise the beauty in this should take your breath away. For example, the range that men want to experience sexually is not variety through numerous women, but by experiencing your entire feminine range within yourself – these are often understood in archetypes such as the virgin, mother, or whore. Because men must take the external world so seriously, as our leaders and warriors, they long to experience the light and magic of the internal world through you. You are the lighthouse in his storm.

Each woman and each man both contain feminine and masculine energies, but obviously women have a greater volume of the feminine and men have a greater volume of the masculine. The beauty is in the dichotomy and polarity of the difference – our energies are equal, different but necessarily complementary. The modern world has taught several generations of girls and women how to be more masculine and suppress our femininity so that we will fit into roles that are not designed nor intended for us.

To be very clear – women can certainly pursue jobs, careers, and skills that are typically viewed as masculine in nature, but often this requires strengthening the masculine energy within us with a corresponding weakening of our dominant feminine energy, or manifesting these roles in a masculine rather than feminine manner. Many young women today have rightfully chosen to pursue higher education and professional paths if that’s what we wanted to do, as we deserve to expand our knowledge, critical thinking, creativity, and skills for our personal development and to provide meaningful support to our future husbands and teach our future children. Additionally, the fact is life is simply unaffordable without an income, so unless a woman is married, she must be able to provide for herself. This said, the modern focus has pushed women to an extreme that has resulted in so many terribly unhappy, lonely, unfulfilled women, without a sense of lasting meaning. Gender roles exist for a reason – it’s because many women truly do find love and joy in nurturing others, raising children, providing meals, keeping a home, and sustaining local culture and community – in gratitude to her man, who goes out into the world every day to work hard and enable this.

And so, if we are to find beauty in the world once again, women must return home to ourselves. For nearly all of us this requires a process of healing, deprogramming, and rediscovering our own unique feminine character. This means leaving behind narrow and dogmatic religious, ideological, and societal mantras of who and what a woman should be, which are frequently rooted in negative, misogynistic attitudes. Mother Nature is the most powerful force on Earth and there is nothing weak or submissive about her, she can be equally tranquil and calm, and chaotic and destructive. There is no single way to be a woman – we are all gifted by God/Spirit/Universe through our ancestral lineage of personality, strengths, and attributes. Through the process of reacquainting ourselves with nature – of the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine – we will see the beauty in ourselves, in each other, and be guided by love to preserve that which truly matters. For there is simply nothing more beautiful on Earth than the shared love between the feminine and the masculine, between a woman and a man, and the fact that each exists because of the other.

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