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Let’s Make Eurovision Great Again 2022

GERMANY Confident of Victory - Heiliges Band
UNITED KINGDOM Xurious ft. Hiraeth - Keep In Mind
FRANCE Boisson Divine - Libertat
ITALY Angelo Branduardi - L'Estasi, il Figlio
UKRAINI Vivienne Mort - Ти забув про мене
POLAND Laboratorium Pieśni - Sztoj pa moru (Што й па мору) Laboratoire de chansons - Sztoj pa moru
ROMANIA SICKOTOY feat. Minelli - Addicted
GREECE Κωνσταντίνος Αργυρός - Αθήνα Μου
PORTUGAL Entardece em Mim (Official Video)
SWEDEN Sabaton- Christmas Truce
HUNGARY Dalriada: Betyár-altató
SWITZERLAND Faun & Eluveitie - Gwydion
FINLAND Ensiferum - Run from the Crushing Tide
NORWAY Gåte - Hemnarsverdet
IRELAND Courting is a Pleasure - The Choral Scholars of University College Dublin
CROATIA Thompson - Uvijek vjerni tebi
LITHUANIA Monika Liu - Sentimentai - Lithuania
GEORGIA Psychonaut 4 - Sana-sana-sana
SLOVENIA Zalagasper - Origami
SERBIA - Zemlja Gruva! - MAMA
RUSSIA ГРАЙ - Прощание/Farewell
LATVIA Dons - Tavs pieskāriens
MOLDOVA Via Dacă- Paparuda
BELARUS Dzivia - Voryva
ALBANIA Eduart Sokoli Albulena

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Greetings dear Europeans, following the success of the previous edition, Europa Invicta is happy to present you this year again a new edition of “Let’s Make Eurovision Great Again”!

A quick reminder for some of you. In the spirit of reclaiming our lost heritage, Europa Invicta will attempt to re-create what should never have ceased to be Eurovision: A stage celebrating the richness of European music by showcasing tomorrow’s talent. This is why we call on each of you to come up with THE song that you feel best represents your country.
Together we will make a 100% European Eurovision allowing everyone of you to discover new artists from all over the West.

To participate:

Send your proposal before saturday 21 may midnight to [email protected] specifying:

  • The YouTube link of your song
  • Your name or nickname
  • Your country

Read carefully the rules below :

  • You only can send a Youtube link a good videoclip is much more appreciated
  • You can submit only one song
  • Your song must have been released between 2012 and 2022
  • Political views of the artist are not important
  • If you submit a song already registered, your proposal is automatically canceled
  • The artist or the band must be ethnically european
  • The song must be sung in an european language non western styles are not allowed