Archaeofuturist visuals, a neat aesthetic celebrating Europe, both in its landscapes, its ancient heritage and its technological productions… all decorated with motivational quotes. Europa Invicta, a graphic project on Telegram, Twitter and Instagram.

Hello Europa Invicta, could you present us your project?

Hello, initially Europa Invicta was born out of my frustration with social media networks that are flooded daily with visuals, photos, or anxiety-inducing newspaper articles. Not a day went by that I did not see my share of politics, scandals, immigrants’ outbursts, or disasters destroying our tangible and intangible heritage. I also noticed the mediocrity of visual productions aimed at celebrating Europe or Europeans. So I thought about what I myself could do to create something positive and valuable in the social space. As a graphic designer by profession, I therefore developed a series of filtered visuals superimposed with motivating and inspiring sentences. A kind of « motivational quote » dedicated to the glory of Europe.

Your visuals are very successful on social networks, how do you explain it?

Several reasons. First of all, I think I have filled a void. There were already accounts that shared images or quotes related to European culture but there was nothing that merged the two with high-end graphics. I worked a lot on my design template and after several iterations I arrived at what you see today. I wanted the graphics to be meaningful and timeless.

You are French, you have chosen to create an English page, what is the reason?

I made the decision to create English graphics after I came across some visuals from the American alt-right. Their slogans were striking and short, which is very effective. Moreover, if I had done it in French, some of my foreign contacts would not have been able to take advantage of the page. The aim was also to distance oneself from nations in order to focus on a more global frame of reference, that of European civilisation as a whole. At a time when it is urgent for Europe to unite, it seems vital to me to convey a message that is understandable to as many people as possible. In English, my visuals are valid from Lisbon to Moscow and from Reykjavik to Tbilisi.

Your page is perceived by some as a « pagan » page, on the other hand some pagan Internet users have blamed you exactly the opposite. Who is right? Who is right? Is Europa Invicta pagan or Christian?

Neither one nor the other, and both at the same time! I received a Christian education, yet I don’t believe in God as Christians imagine him to be, though I am not a heathen either. However, I have a lot of affection for both traditions because there is so much cultural heritage in Europe thanks to previous generations of Christians as well as the vision that neo-Pagans have for the world and human relations. Let us say that here, too, I try to celebrate our respective legacies to transcend them in a positive common vision.

Why Europa Invicta? Do you live this page as a hobby or do you follow a specific goal?

This means: « Undefeated or inconquered Europe ». Honestly, it just came to me. I was looking for a name that was accessible to as many people as possible and that evoked something positive, motivating and giving hope. Latin is also a reference to the Roman civilization that I admire very much. At first, I didn’t really have a specific goal, I was doing it to make myself happy and at the same time uplift Europeans, where the objective was to put optimistic visuals online. In view of EI’s success, I am now working on it as an intentional messaging tool. I want to reinvent the graphic aesthetic of our identities to unite all Europeans beyond national borders.

What do you think of the European Union?

Already, it is important to distinguish the EU, as a political institution, from Europe, the civilisation to which it is attached. One can very well be hostile to the European Union without being Europhobic in the true sense of the word. I am a profoundly European and a supporter of a politically unified Europe. The European Union is only a skeleton, an empty shell, reflecting the thinking of the Elite of the nation states that make it up.

Since we talk a lot about Europe, Europa Invicta is paradoxically accused of Americanophilia, if your allegiance is to Europe, how do you view the USA, what is the link with Europe?

North America is an extension of European civilization. The people who make this accusation are primarily anti-Americans without a global vision of what our Western civilization is like. The United States have displaced Europe in terms of freedom of expression and technological progress. So I have a friendly and benevolent look at Euro-Americans without necessarily idolizing them.

To work on your visuals and where do you find such beautiful photos to make them?

A question that comes up frequently! Like any good graphic designer, I created my logo in Adobe Illustrator (vector drawing software). I find the visuals on the Internet and create my version with Photoshop. Sometimes I look for an image to illustrate a sentence, sometimes the other way around. I also use stock image website (free and paid). There are people from all over Europe who spontaneously send me pictures of places that are dear to them or that they would like to see published.

What do you think of memes?

Generally speaking, they can be funny and powerful, but I think most memes are unattractive and there are too many of them now. From time to time, I come across a funny one, but overall they turn me off and the quality of the graphics are poor. There are too many memes online now, people abuse them as a communication tool, and all of this makes our discussion spaces ugly. When one sees ugly things too much, you end up feeling the same. I like high quality memes in small doses.

In addition to the visuals highlighting Europe’s landscapes and ancestral heritage, you also produce many images highlighting technology, even futuristic. Where do you get this double inspiration from? Can Europa Invicta be described as an archaeofuturist aesthetic project according to the definition given by the late Guillaume Faye?

That’s exactly what it is. You may have noticed that we have paid tribute to Guillaume Faye several times. Through Europa Invicta, I try to present an archeofuturist vision of our civilisation, this is part of the aspiration I want to inspire in my audience. For example, our medicine and technology are the most advanced in the world. We must end relativist technophobia, which somewhat slows our technological progress, and become confident again in what our ancestors have accomplished. When I see neo-traditionalists saying « it was better before » I think back to my grandfather who explained to me that when he was a child, he would go to the well to wash every morning, winter and summer. This fantasized view of the past is wrong. We must combine the best of our traditions with the best of our technology – this is the type of sentiment and thinking I want to convey.

Archeofuturism was the theme of part of my first video. After summarising some of the most beautiful achievements of our civilisation, I continued with a passage entitled « Europeans do it better ». The trendy slogan of « Arabs do it better » is a misnomer; repeating a lie does not make it true. Europeans excel in almost every field and it seemed important to me to remind us of this fact and set the record straight on this particular subject. Western technology is objectively superior to that of other civilizations. Space research, medicine, physics, chemistry, automotive, etc… and we can still do much better in the days to come. If you ask a child how he or she imagines the future, he or she answers: « Flying cars, lunar and Martian bases, clean and bright cities ». This horizon is conceivable if our civilisation gives itself the means. I consider this archeofuturist vision of the world as the ultimate objective of Europa Invicta, to convert neo-traditionalists and technophobes into proselytizing archeofuturists.