Two years ago, Europa Invicta was created and since then it has quickly gained an incredibly dedicated and organic following.

Now it is time to bring greater connectivity, inspiration, and influence to all of you in the Europa Invicta community.

We are ready to amplify and fortify our message of love for Europe in our hearts and in the real world.

We need your commitment to further dedicate our time and energy to our goal of celebrating and renewing European culture, to reclaim and preserve our European heritage and nationhood for the future, together.

Your subscription means a lot to us because it is only with your support that we can continue to build upon our foundation in ways that foster and develop a genuine community among like-minded people.

After two years of building Europa Invicta in our free time, we now ask for your support so we can dedicate the time and resources our community needs and deserves to bring Europa Invicta to its fullest potential. Your support of 5 euros a month goes a long way for us to work full-time for this community, and we believe the value you get in return is worth it.

Why We Chose Substack

What we like most about Substack is that we can now communicate with you directly – no middle-man platform, no algorithm, no haters, no censorship.

Now we have complete access to and control over our ability to contact and engage with you, which means if Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, or any other platform that disagrees with our message tries to shut us down we can still keep in touch with you and keep the momentum of our network going.

And that’s not all…

Get Ready to Dig In

Our ability to bring you more is amplified now – new and multiple types of content can be shared and accessed all from one place. In addition to .our classic graphics series, free for the public, here is what is coming for paid subscribers:

  • 7 EXCLUSIVE GRAPHICS each week

This is just beginning with your dedication, commitment, and support.

United by love, heritage, and culture we will restore European greatness, together.

Hail Europa! Europa Invicta!